Are you looking for a workout that is fun, effective, and boosts your hormones? Then you have found the perfect trainer.

My name is Mariette and after every training session, my customers feel incredibly good, exhausted of negative emotions, and full of self-confidence. We will not only shape your body but also your mindset. This combination guarantees the best and healthiest long-term success. Learn extraordinary methods to achieve your goal and have your body wanting more. The exercises I focus on are not just effective but are also designed to be fun and let you develop your own inner motivation. The newly acquired motivation will not only drive you close to the top in my training sessions but also in your everyday life. Get back in shape and let us make true lasting progress together – I’m looking forward to seeing you!


    Body transformation
    Weight loss specialist
    Gym workout
    Body toning
    Personal Trainer at Home


    Private swimming coach/ Country Club- Ehden & La valbonne- Zgharta
    Alternative swimming coach/ Dolphins Swimming Academy-Zgharta
    Basketball coach/ La Charité Sister School-Zgharta
    Private Trainer and Fitness Classes Coach/ Gravity gym and at Gymnasium by gravity-Zgharta


    Participated in my school basketball team 2009-2016.
    Club Scout Leader 2014-2016.
    Volunteered in rebuilding old people’s houses in my junior and senior year at school 2015-2016.
    Volunteered in gestures from the heart an organization in zgharta organized a local food drive, raisesmoney, hands out hot meals to those in need 2016-2019
    Used to take 2 private sessions per week horseback riding 2008-2009.
    Provided excellent table service and fostered guest satisfaction in fast-paced at Hotel Belmont-Ehden Summer 2016 and Summer 2017.
    Wedding Hostess at Vanilla company- Zgharta 2018.
    Radical Fitness Top ride Certified instructor 2019.


    Bachelor Degree In Physical Education/ University Of Balamand-Koura, Kalhat
    Teaching Diploma/ University of balamand-Koura,Kalhat
    TLebanese Baccalaureate Pat 2-Social & Economic Sciences/ Antonines sisters school-zgharta

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